January 3, 2011

deviantART Seniorship

I have been granted senior status on the website, deviantART. I was honored and completely surprised by the news: Seniority Announcements.


Cozycomfycouch said...

Congratulations lovely Jackie! I never knew you had a blog! :D I'm following! :D oxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Maria! I've never done much with this blog. :) Just kept notices of publications and aknowledgements for my writing and art. Not many of those, so far! :D

Cozycomfycouch said...

Most welcome Jackie! You should write and blog more! :D its fun! I love blogging and making things more than being on other sites lately because it keeps me focused a bit on my art and inspirations. :) hugs and thank you for stoping by! :D hugs!