March 11, 2013

Keep Moving Illustration Entry: Neil Gaiman's January Tale

January Tale: New Year's Day

I finished not a minute too soon!  Sent it in with only a few hours to spare.  I decided to try my hand at illustrating one of Neil Gaiman's short stories done for BlackBerry's Keep Moving Project.  I wanted to do an illustration for every story, then realized real life had other plans.  So I worked on one piece and tried to make it count.  There are some amazing entries out there so I doubt it will make the final cut, but more importantly, I'm happy with it.  It's the first big piece of artwork I've done in quite a while, and much fun and experimentation was had creating it.  The drawing was done in pencil, scanned, and then colored in Photoshop.  All of the photos used are my own.  The bokeh was loads of fun to create.  Even though it involved a two year old trying to abscond with my Christmas lights...

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